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What are business emails

If you have your own domain, you can have your own email. The first questions you may have is: what is a domain? (Check out our FAQ on domains.)

An email domain is the section of your email address after the @ sign. Using our company as an example this is And we can therefore have as many different email addresses as we would like using that domain. So we could have, or something a bit more personal for each individual in the company e.g.

So now we understand what an email domain is, we can look at the benefits it brings you and your business.


One of the easiest things you can do to make your business look more professional is to have your email addresses on your own domain. You only have to look at how all the big companies set up their email addresses to match their domain to understand this. You wouldn’t expect the likes of John Lewis or British Gas to send you an email from a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account so why should your customers expect any less from you. Don’t forget imitation is the greatest form of flattery!


Consumers are more likely to trust a business email that matches the URL, in fact 75% of consumers say that this is key to building trust. Whilst just under a quarter of consumers would not trust a business using a personal email address ( or with their personal information or credit card details1. This just shows how you could potentially be losing business from using that Gmail or Hotmail account.


Not only does an email address on your own email domain make you look more professional and trustworthy but it also gives you total control. With 1.8 billion Gmail users in the world2 it may have been difficult to find the email address with your companies name and you would have to add extra numbers or symbols to create a unique address! This immediately makes it harder to remember your email address and could create issues passing it onto customers too. With your own email domain you have total control over the email address that is one of your main contact points with potential customers. You can decide what you want in front of the @ sign on your email address.

You can also set up email addresses that you only give out to your suppliers or those most important customers that need quick responses. Using this method you can prioritise work with ease or delegate certain email inboxes to employees within your company. Or even just set-up simple email forwarding.

Finally having your own email domain means that its yours to keep. Telecommunications companies will often give out free email addresses with their services and if you start using one of these as your business email address, have you considered what happens when you choose not to use their services anymore or they stop trading? Your email is gone and the time and potentially money spent on advertising your email address is lost.

How can we help?

Here at All In One Digital we can provide everything you need from advice around the actual name you choose for your domain to getting set up with email addresses and ensuring you can access your mailboxes on your phone. We can also help with adding automatic email signatures to make your emails look even more professional. [thrive_2step id=’1972′]Get in contact[/thrive_2step] with us now to get up and running with email prices from as little as £3 a month or even free with Domain Management! Or learn more first.

We understand the importance of honesty and appreciate that not all facts on the internet can be trusted, which is why we will always provide references for any facts that we state!


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