5 Tips For Naming Your Business

When starting a company we know how hard it is to get the name right. Looking back at when two of the three founders of All In One Digital set their first company up in 2015 (Pioneer Sports LTD. for anyone interested!) we are glad we chose the name we did. Whilst still being relatively naïve to the world of business we chose a name that has so far stood the test of time, probably more out of luck than design mind. Looking back and thinking of some of the names we were considering we are now very glad we picked Pioneer Sports.

Moving forward to early 2021 when All In One Digital was set up, it was again a process of the three of us throwing names around and developing ideas until we found something that said exactly what we did and wasn’t already in use!

It certainly wasn’t a quick process to choose our business names and many new companies do get it wrong when first going into business. We appreciate that it is a difficult task, sometimes that lightbulb moment that you are hoping comes along just doesn’t happen. This is why we have put together a handy set of tips for you to consider when you are looking to name your business.

1. Keep It Simple

Sometimes you can get bogged down in trying to think of a company and/or brand name there and then, you sit down and give yourself an hour to come up with a name then stare at a blank sheet of paper. What we would suggest is to start writing down what you want the brand to be known for, its values and target market as a business, alongside the products or service that it will provide. This will give you a good foundation. Then be patient, if something doesn’t come to you straight away take some time away from it and come back at a later date, and if you do have any ideas get them down, whether you are old school pen and paper or in the notes function on your phone! You never know when you will have a good idea.

2. Think Ahead

All too often we see companies and brands that pigeon hole themselves with a name that limits their expansion and progress in the future. When you first start your company you may not be looking to expand or work in a different location to where you do currently but who knows what the future may hold! It’s a good idea to leave out places and locations from your company name and really think about whether your name could stand the test of time before settling on it as making changes can mean a whole lot of administration work. More importantly, it could mean the name that you have spent time building up has to change.

3. Check Availability

Once you have got a name that you are happy with its time to check whether anyone else has had the same idea. There are 3 main places that you should check to see whether your company name is already in use. These are;

  • Companies House

Depending on what type of company you are setting up you must follow certain rules around the naming of your company and not copying someone else’s. Check out the rules for Limited Companies, Sole Traders and Business Partnerships.

  • Social Media

You will want your social media handle to be the same across all of the platforms so that your customers can find you easily. You may find that you can’t get just your company name as the handle on all the platforms you will use, so you might need to look at variations. When looking at variations just ensure that they are not too long and are still relevant to your company name. Once you have found the handle you want to use, sign up and reserve them!

  • Web Address (URL)

Keep it as short and memorable as possible as again this is one of the main ways customers will find you. If you need help picking the perfect domain get in contact with us, we offer great pricing on hosting and website set up!

4. Get Feedback

In your head, your company name may sound ideal but it is always worth getting some feedback before you push on with setting your business up. A fresh set of eyes may just point out something obvious you may have missed, or they may just give you some even better ideas to develop and work with.

5. Protect Your Company/Brand

Once you have your company name and are ready to get started its important to protect it. The name of your company, any brands associated with it and the service or product you are offering make up your intellectual property. To protect that intellectual property from anyone else copying it you may need to apply for trademarks, copyrights or patents alongside incorporating your company. Check out the website for more information on protecting intellectual property.

How can we help?

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