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What is a domain

What is a domain?

A domain in layman’s terms is the address of your website that you type into the URL bar. It comprises of the domain name and the extension. As an example our domain is Domains are not case sensitive and are unique, you cannot use the same domain as someone else and this makes some domains very valuable! holds the record for the most valuable sale of all time at an eyewatering $345 million1!

Domain names represent who you are, what you are offering, and where you are located. Domain names can include your company name, your brand, or your product. And, ultimately, they create a professional image. When naming a business in the modern world, checking your domain is available is a key consideration.

Why are domains important?

Besides your domain being the primary identity of your business online, users make judgments based on the domain. Both the domain name itself and the extension are important, with some domain extensions conveying more credibility than others (see more below – spoiler alert: it’s not .com!)

Domains have to also be easy to remember, easy to share, spelt and equally not easily confused. If you operate globally, you can register domain names for region, so again might have to consider .

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But which domain extensions are the most popular, and why?

How can we help?

At All In One Digital, we support our clients in registering, managing and removing all the technical barriers when it comes to domains. Our domain management service even includes the set-up of an SLL (for online security) and a free domain linked business email mailbox. Domains are often the 1st step on a digital journey and if you want to take that step with us, [thrive_2step id=’1972′]get in contact[/thrive_2step] today.

We understand the importance of honesty and appreciate that not all facts on the internet can be trusted, which is why we will always provide references for any facts that we state!


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